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I've got several documents using Candara that I'd like to shift from Microsoft Word to Google Docs for collaboration; which font is going to be the closest match when using Google?

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Orienta is not bad.

Galdeano has a bit of the same feel to it.

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Galdeano seems the closest in feel, though it doesn't render particularly well on-screen. Thanks. – Iain Hallam Jan 20 '14 at 18:12

Does it actually matter what font you use in Google Docs for collaboration? Surely if you are using a corporate font for branding purposes or whatever, it would feature on the report or website showing the results of your consultation.

You are probably going to have difficulty maintaining the style if you do have several authors all poking, adding and tweaking your content anyway.

That said, from my eye, the best offerings in Google docs for a Candara-style font would be: (Not quite as detailed, and slightly narrower) (Much squarer, but a similar size and shape) (Probably one of my fav google fonts, similar size and weight, similar ligatures, tails, etc, just a lot simpler (which for screen use is good for legibility))

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Thanks; Rosario has a very similar feel, but looks plain next to Candara. – Iain Hallam Jan 20 '14 at 18:12

Actor is an excellent alternative :)

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