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How to draw crystals like in Bejeweled ? enter image description here

Is it rendered in 3D and then Photoshop or vector graphics like Corel Draw

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It probably is rendered in a 3D Application, as there are animations (gem's spin/rotate) and to do that by hand for each frame would be tiresome.

I would suggest trying to find some Gemstone shapes as 3D files OBJ, DAE, etc, and then import them into Photoshop CS 6 Extended to handle making the various animation sequences including rotation, spinning, and lighting effects (not Lighting Effects plugin, but animating a light in-front of a gem to make it highlight), using Photoshop's Timeline.

If the gems don't move, then you can build it in Photoshop, but Illustrator would probably be a better choice as it would be easier to create the shapes of the gems. Cheers and good luck!

P.S., Bejeweled is probably written in OpenGL ES so there is also a possibility that they are using 3D Objects and/or sprite maps/texture atlases for the gems, highlights, explosions, etc...

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