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I would like to be able to move the two handles for the bezier curve with the direct select tool the same way they are moved on initial creation of the anchor point.

When a new anchor is created, moving the mouse both extends the bezier handles and rotates them. When selecting an anchor point's handle with the direct select tool, both handles rotate, but only the select one extends.

Is there a way to extend both of them simultaneously without creating a new anchor point?

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With the Pen tool, hold down Command-Option-Shift or Ctrl-Alt-Shift and click-drag an anchor.

Or use the Convert Anchor Tool located under the Pen Tool in the tool bar to click drag on the anchor.

This will basically reset the anchor to a symmetrical anchor where both handles extend as you drag. It will cause any existing curve to be redrawn.

There is no method in Illustrator to automatically convert a non-symmetrical or corner anchor to a symmetrical anchor with equal length handles.

There are additional plug ins (which cost) that can do this.... XtremePath, VectorScribe, Point Central, all offer more control over anchor points and their handles.

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You can "scale" the point. Select the point, click "s" and drag with the mouse. Both handles will extend simultaneously.

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That's the much missed ticket. Resetting the anchor sucks. –  plainclothes Mar 4 '14 at 21:27

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