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Here is a sample image :

enter image description here

The white background is actually transparent.

I'd like to keep only the black lines and surfaces, and make all other colours transparent.

Is it possible to do this ?

I'm using Pixelmator, but a photoshop process will be fine !

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You will get very far in photoshop by going from the top menu Layers > New adjustment layer > Black & whiteand slide every slider to the very right, and then start sliding them if anything looks a bit too burned. – Joonas Oct 3 '12 at 9:30

Basically, the light colors are easier to get rid of with simple contrast adjustment, the dark blues are probably gonna be harder work.

But since this is a comic, it was probably inked first and then colored later. So maybe just ask the publisher of André Franquin for an uncolored version?

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