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i need to work on a cd packaging layout. i thought i can just open the pdf file with the basic layout in adobe indesign, so i can drop words and images on it. but that doesnt seem to work. if i 'place' the file in a new layer, it appears. but the quality is oh so bad.

here is the pdf file i need to work with...

can anybody help me ? i'm new with the software.

thanks, rouven

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This is pretty much a duplicate to this question:… – Joonas Oct 8 '12 at 9:35

Select the pdf object and right click - display performance - high quality display.

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great.. thank you ! :) – rouven niederer Oct 7 '12 at 11:10

In-design is great for page layout (for books, leaflets and magazines) - but for packaging and more intricate (die-cut) shapes, you would be much better using illustrator.

You will be able to import the pdf and use vector shapes to help you position images acurately.

(In-design is a habit in the media industry due to historical page work and automation, but the tools in illutrator are much more suited to the packaging workflow)

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You can also natively convert the PDF into a layered InDesign layout with for example, Markzware's PDF2DTP. If you just need to layout some text on top of the current design, and if that design is acceptable, then the answer from @Rick is perfect.

Take care, David of Markzware (we make PDF2DTP for full disclosure)

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