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I'm new to graphic design coming from a software development background. In this area, I can easily have feedback about my work by open-sourcing my code, participate to existing open-source projects, or simply ask others what they think...

At a moment I envisaged to participate to crowd-sourcing design sites, but changed my mind as it seems finally to be a bad idea...

So, where could I find the best comments and advice about my graphic design work?

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These two are probably the best places on the 'net to get feedback on your designs:

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I would check out some Graphic Design forums. They're different from Stack Exchange because they don't constrain to a QA format. Look around a few of them first and sign up for the one with lots of recent activity. I'm a member of one that's been around for about 15 years now but at this point we don't even talk much about design anymore and are just all friends. Not really sure which ones, if any, are still active these days:

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Try for example DevianArt. This site has a vast community of artists in many different genres. Feedback is one of their main features (IMO).

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