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this seems to be a CS6 bug to me - i couldn't find any solution yet: when resizing an image, i'm getting a half-transparent 1px border around it. very annoying :( i already tried flattening before resizing - still the same problem. any idea how to avoid this? thanks

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Just wanted to add to Joonas' answer that the reason for this is related to the interpolation while resizing. Sometimes the data is interpolated against data which doesn't exist and will result in this. Turning off interpolation will remove this, but of course, in most cases this is unwanted. – K3N Oct 24 '12 at 14:17
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This behavior has been around for ages.

Only solution that I know of, is to change the image layer into a Background layer before resizing.

From the top menu: Layer > New > Layer from background

Flattening also merges everything into one Background layer. It might be better for some situations.

From the top menu: Layer > Flatten image

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