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I have written a word using a fat font like Impact, and I have an image of roses.

Instead of adding a color to this word, I want to "color" it in Inkscape using my roses image.

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I don't use Inkscape so I'm not well suited to answer, but try searching for "clipping mask" - that's what you're trying to do. To do it with text you'll have to do the Inkscape equivalent of Illustrator's "Create Outlines," and you might have to do Illustrator's equivalent of making a compound path out of those outlines. Not sure. Hope that points you in the right direction! – Brendan Oct 24 '12 at 19:38

First, add an image by using File -> Import. Then, select the image and select Object -> Pattern -> Objects to Pattern. Now, you can select an object and set the fill color to pattern. There is a list with different patterns, for example, Stripes 1:1. The topmost pattern will be called something like pattern5448 or a similar name and is the pattern that was generated from the image.

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