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What is the best way to find an independent designer for a particular field? For example, one that has a portfolio and designs book-covers/print/packaging, ...? It is a requirement for me to draw inspiration from in my project. (I'm a student)

It's slightly difficult nowadays. (For example, a designer for book-covers would be Peter Mendelsund.)

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You don't say where you are, but in United States there is the Graphic Artists Guild and there are some regional book builders association like Boston Bookbuilders. Both sites have lists of members that might be of assistance, but you're right in that finding designers when the designers don't come to you is difficult.

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You might want to check out AIGA. They are a national group of designers and chances are you will have a local chapter that you can get in contact with and they will lead you in the right direction for your design needs. Otherwise, as mentioned in an earlier post, you could check out portfolio sites like Behance or even try LinkedIn. Other avenues to find independent designers would be to scour design contest sites like 99 Designs. There's no shortage in finding them, the tricky part is finding good ones :)

share|improve this answer There are plenty of artists and their work on there. I would give it a shot.

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Check odesk.

It is a bit expensive, though.

share|improve this answer is quite nice to see other people's work.

The idea is to showcase your work, connect with other people and as it covers a lot of creative fields, you can find pretty much any kind of design work there...

Try to, for example, search for "book cover".
Here is one result:

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