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What would you recommend to make the site awesome in terms of the layout and CSS and also in terms of the types of graphical formats (jpg, png, etc)?

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trusktr: I dig the retro animation on the text, looks good. The blue pops out and I believe it matches the overall theme of the site. Joris is right about the image tags but I'm assuming he was thinking to have you omit the 'title' attribute. That's the that creates a 'tab' of information when you rollover on the image.

As far as compression your images go, JPG is a lossy format, PNG-24 is lossless so of course PNG will be greater in size. If you decide to keep using PNG, (which I recommend when dealing with nice looking images), there are utilities like Pngcrush to help trim some of the extra data in the photo without losing quality. Pngcrush: http://pmt.sourceforge.net/pngcrush/

Onto the cosmetics - Hovering out of an entry box, when the headline text goes compresses back down there are remnants of the blue color (a few pixels). It could just be a Chrome thing so test it in multiple browsers. Also, there should be a bit more padding between the headline and the date of each entry. Including a better visual hierarchy on the subtext with appropriate padding will give each entry more whitespace thus allowing more 'pop'.

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First of all use the JPG extension instead of the PNG extension. JPG loads way faster then those high detailed PNG files. Maybe you should use a stockphoto of asphalt, but very high detailed for the background (as JPG ofcourse). If you have a very cool HD camera with a big lens etc. then you should make a photo of the asphalt by yourself. Hope this helps, overal your website is goodlooking.

Oh and get away the "alt name" in your code, looks ugly with those _ between letters. Have a nice day, Joris

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