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When you are doing visual research, what tools do you use to save, tag and share images or screenshots with clients/team? Do you know other tools than Little Snapper?

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I use a combination of Evernote and Dropbox or Google Drive.

Evernote works to keep notes and visual reference together in a shareable 'notebook'. It also has a rather good ability to search the text in your images. This comes in handy when I take notes directly on my sketches (which I capture with my camera phone directly into Evernote).

Dropbox / Drive (depending on the preference of the team/client) is less for brainstorming and more about just sharing files. They both do a great job of keeping local directories synced between team members. If you just want to toss a bunch of images into a folder and know that everyone else will see them too, this is the way to go.

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Pixlr is a fantastic tool to grab,edit and share pictures beetween my clients/team.

You can use the grabber if you want to click and share in firefox or chrome or use their image sharing service

Plus, now it has been acquired by Autodesk

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