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I have a web font that i'm using but I only need 0123456789. Is there a way to extract glyphs from that font and generate a new font?

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Of course, you would want to be sure you're not violating the EULA. Most foundries are not fond of people taking their outlines, modding, and producing a new font. I've had to do this on several occasions for internal use and have always been able to get agreement from the foundry to do so. –  plainclothes Nov 15 '12 at 19:13
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If you've read my comment above and you're good to go ... here's the rest of the process I follow.

  1. open the font in one of FontLab's tools
  2. tweak to your heart's content
  3. export your revised font in any format you choose
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There sure is! Just use http://icomoon.io. It's a free webfont creation tool that works with SVG packs, as well.

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