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Is there any font classification service (web page, app, book) that classifies fonts by x-height, ascender and descender lengths, stroke contrast, apertures and counters, besides the basic serif and sans-serif classifications? Also if if the font is made for heading, body, etc.

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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by service. has an open tagging system that gives you a good idea of how others classify a given font. It also has a nice "similar fonts" module on the right side of the page that will help you make connections.

If you'd like to know how a font of yours fits into the bigger picture, you could upload it through their WhatTheFont tool. Then see what typefaces it points you toward.

Then there's always where you can ask the experts. You would likely get a better answer there, it would just take longer. The Critique forum would probably be the most appropriate for such a discussion.

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This book can help you: It uses an amended version of the Vox classification.

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