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On illustrator, when drawing a series of straight lines, you can choose under "stroke" how the corners of those lines will be: round, bevel and miter.

I'm looking for the same function on sketchup. I've found that under styles - extension, you can extend the end of the line, but not round it. How can I achieve that?

Example image

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If you're asking how to style lines in SketchUp, I believe the answer is to spend the money to get SketchUp Pro which has a full range of styling tools to allow you to create themes for how your images are rendered. They call this the 'style builder':

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Thanks. As i've stated in my question, i've played around with styles a bit, and i'm positive the answer could lay there. The company i work for owns a copy of pro, but the person who used to work with it is no longer with us. – riseagainst Nov 27 '12 at 16:13

AFAIK SketchUp does not directly support rounding edges when you create an edge/face using the line tool. It does if you draw a rectangle as explained here.

Here's a link to a plugin that purportedly supports what you need. I have not tried it myself but this might be worth checking out.

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Didn't work, but thanks. – riseagainst Dec 1 '12 at 21:15

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