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So I own a business that will soon start developing mobile apps for platforms such as the iPad. I am wondering if I can legally make a vector graphic of other companies products such as the iPad to put a photo of my application on. I will acquire an Apple Developer account and get the app(s) approved before I publish the graphics. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

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In general, no it is not okay.

There have been several topics here covering this:

What is the copyright of fanart?

Who is the rightful copyright holder of images to Windows components?

Is vectorizing an image copyright theft if the image is not CC/Public domain?

Is it OK to include a stylized reproduction of a copyrighted painting in a design?

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Thanks for the information. It looks like Apple actually provides graphics for this purpose which can be found here: link – SandersKY Dec 1 '12 at 23:06

Apple provide images of their devices that can be used for marketing purposes.

They can all be found here (requires developer log in to see):

So in your specific case, it doesn't matter... you can create an image of your app running on an iPhone or iPad, and Apple are OK with that.

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