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Does CorelDraw has a default read resolution for SVG's? The only DPI settings that will show me the number of pixels exactly as they were created is 96. Is that Corel's native DPI resolution for reading svg files or am I missing something?

If I ramp up the resolution to 300 DPI I get wrong numbers, however 96 seems ok.

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can you tell us what equipment you are using for these stickers? I am still struggling to understand why you need to convert the svg to anything pixel-based in the first place. – horatio Dec 5 '12 at 15:27
I don't know the answer but it sounds arbitrary. CorelDraw is vector based, as is SVG. Once imported, you should be able to resize it as you see fit. – DA01 Nov 21 '13 at 20:25

Here are a couple resources I found that seem similar to your issue.

CorelDRAW doesn't correctly import svg files

Here's the short of a long winded answer:

What it comes down to is that SVG files describe paths in some sort of units, and MTC needs to know how many units in the SVG file equal 1 inch in MTC. If you do not check the Use Actual: check box in MTC, then it uses the caret size to determine the overall height of the imported SVG file. If you do check the Use Actual: check box in MTC, it will use the value in the DPI box to convert from the units used in the SVG file to inches that are used in MTC. For designs created in Inkscape, using 90 in the DPI box will import the SVG at the "designed" size (for the reason I described above).

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