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I wanted save some layers as PNG files and I had to basically open a new window for every png file and paste in there and sometimes crop it.

Is there a way to export just a few or one selected layer and not the whole file much more easily, or maybe only save the visible part as a PNG?

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Choose File > Scripts > Export Layers To Files

Select the Visible Layers Only option if you want to export only those layers that have visibility enabled in the Layers panel.


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Turn off layer visibility for everything you do not want, then choose File > Save for Web.

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Skaught's solution works. There are two other options that come to mind.

  1. Convert your objects (layers or groups) to smart objects then double click the SO in the layers panel to open a separate, exportable doc.
  2. Use slices to delineate and set export prefs for your various objects. You can export by selected slices.
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If you're planning to select specific layers (or group of layers) then

  1. Use Marquee Tool 'M' to draw the bounding box.
  2. Use Edit >> Copy Merged to copy the specific content to new file (png, psd, ...)
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