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I'm looking for a pixel font which I'll use later on to convert/use on an lcd type of display and the maximum height is 7px.

I've started by checking out dafont's bitmap fonts, but it takes quite a while to test all of them. I've played with a few and I'm surprised to see only a few work well when set to a small size (7px max height). I was hoping someone might have had a chance to play with more and recommend them.

In the meantime I've started designing mine, just a few characters for a quick test/demo, but I wouldn't want to reinvent the wheel when it's not needed.

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Joe Gillespie did some great micro screen font work under the MiniFonts moniker.
These are still available via MyFonts.

Silkscreen is a related design by Jason Kottke.

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Lots of great pixel fonts at

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You can download some good pixel fonts from

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