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I have created a rectangle of blue color in illustrator and then have make a swirl(yellow) using pen tool by giving it stroke. Now i want to remove the blue part of rectangle down under swirl in easy way. enter image description here

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  • Select the yellow path with the Selection Tool (Black arrow)
  • Edit > Copy (Command + C)
  • Edit > Paste In Front (Command + F)
  • Object > Path > Join (Command + J) [ You may need to add an anchor and move a portion of the yellow to fully encompass that area of blue. ]
  • Swap the stoke and fill color on the pasted copy so it has a yellow fill and no stroke (Shift + X)
  • Select the blue rectangle and this new yellow shape with the Selection Tool (black arrow)
  • Pathfinder Panel > Minus Front (top row, second button from the left)
  • Move blue rectangle backwards (Command + Shift + [)

  • Done! :)


Second method:


  • Select > Select All (Command + A)
  • Grab the Shape Builder tool in the Tool Bar
  • Hold Down the Option/Alt key and click the area you want to remove.
  • Done! :)
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