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I draw a graphic consisting of N lines. I want every two lines to have a different color in order to be visually distinct.

Question: Which colors would you recommend? The longer the list, the better, because I need only first N colors, where N varies.

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If "visually distinct" is the goal, then vary the contrast as much as possible. Complementary colors help, as does contrasting light/dark and/or saturation. Combining those (using Goethe's color wheel) gives you something like this:

Visually distinct lines

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The HSB sliders are an easy way to control this. Brightness and Hue will give you the most visually apparent results. Saturation is for fine tuning.

Obviously, big shifts will give you more distinctness. On the other hand, something like a green and blue (close on the Hue slider) of the same Saturation and Brightness will give you subtle variation.

This combo will be more distinct

enter image description here -VS- enter image description here

This combo will be more subtle

enter image description here -VS- enter image description here

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