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I think this screenshot is self-explanatory.

Shouldn't I see all of the created slices when I export for the web? Instead, I just see one! Could it be that the file have a very high resolution (4k x 3k)?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I tried to save anyway and it works! It gives me all my slices in separate files. Why then I see only one in the export window? Not so much of an issue now, btw...

enter image description here

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You have your zoom at 100% (when you are working with your image at 33%, as you can see in the top bar). What you are seeing is the top left corner of the first slice.

Reduce the zoom and you will see all of them :)

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Watching all of the slices while zooming out, I was feeling a little bit of an idiot :) Thanks for the help! – Saturnix Dec 27 '12 at 2:30
Don't worry, the placing of the zoom is not exactly the most intuitive thing. – Yisela Dec 27 '12 at 2:51

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