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Is it possible to have a text frame auto-expand to fit the text in Indesign CS6?

So when I continue to add text the frame containing it automatically grows in size and doesn't cut the text and show the overflow indicator.

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For CS5....

You can use the shortcut for Object > Fitting > Fit Frame to Contents Of course you must then type, hit the shortcut, type, hit the shortcut, etc.

You can pay for the In-Tools.com plug in Autoflow

Or you can try the free AutoFit plug in from Typefi.com. This is not CS6 ready however. So you'll have to wait for a CS6 version.

However, in Indesign CS6 select the text frame and choose Object > Text Frame Options. Then click the Auto-Size tab and adjust the settings.

Text Frame Options

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Thanks man! Is it possible to set these settings as default for every text frame? –  Kaspar Jan 2 '13 at 12:21
If you set something and there is no document open, it generally stays that way. So try setting the options without any file open. –  Scott Jan 2 '13 at 17:56

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