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I received some corel draw files, and need to open them, preferably in illustrator. But anything from the Adobe suit will do.

I do not have corel draw and I have a mac, is there a way to convert them?

There are a few websites that convert files, but I have close to 200 hundred files and the website doesn't handle that quantity.

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The issue is probably that the CDR files are a newer version than your copy of Illustrator supports. – e100 Mar 27 '11 at 12:48

hey might be this info can help you..

Illustrator 9.0 or later able to open CDR files created with CorelDRAW 10 or earlier

Programs that open CDR files

  1. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5

  2. Corel PaintShop Photo Pro

  3. Corel WordPerfect Office
  4. ACD Systems Canvas 12
  5. Adobe Illustrator CS5
  6. Inkscape

irfan view might solve this please check this link...and its free also

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Corel Draw is now at version X5 (i.e. 15) though. – e100 Mar 27 '11 at 12:50
7. OpenOffice/LibreOffice Draw – Paolo Gibellini Feb 18 '14 at 7:58

I suggest you either buy Corel Draw, or ask your supplier to save the files as EPS.

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+1 for EPS. CorelDraw EPS files can be wonky depending on the particular effect used, but it renders the file usable in a lot more applications. – Philip Regan Mar 25 '11 at 12:48

i think, you better ask your supplier to export the files in PDF [high quality print] file format and send back only PDF file to you. with PDF you can easily open and edit the files in illustrator or any Adobe programs. without loosing any details from from original files.

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I didn't have a .cdr file, so I downloaded one here:

Illustrator allowed me to open it just fine. It [your file] may be bad (corrupt through email, or something to that effect).

See if you can open the file I did.

Also in Illustrator's dialog window, you will find support for Corel Draw (take a look).

enter image description here


Forgot to mention that I just drug that file from my downloads to my dock. So you could potentially open quite a few at a time to process them.

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Corel Draw is now at version X5 (i.e. 15) though. – e100 Apr 14 '11 at 9:28

Uniconvertor can convert from a .cdr file to an .ai file among others.

"UniConvetor is used in Inkscape and Scribus projects as external tool for CorelDraw files importing. "

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I like to use online convert website, good for vidoes too. there's no email or registering either. this should work for your CDR file, justs coverts it to EPS online coverter

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Hi there! You forgot the link :) – Yisela Feb 17 '14 at 20:21

Download the trial version of Corel to convert the file.

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