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There are two ways of doing this

  1. Get a grunge brush and do your art it will take less time less efforts
  2. You can do this manually but it will take more time more efforts.

so I suggest you to get grunge brush rather than making it manually,

for download brush check this :

and if you have time than:

make a document erase the corner's according to your need and you'll get the same output..

enter image description here

I did the same to show you,its kind of heavy/ugly borders, coz i did not reduced the eraser brush size, i realized after completing it :(:(

Hope you got the idea, That how to do this

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There is always the wooden table method:

take a brush, paper, and some black ink and then sketch a rectangle.

Photograph it with your cell phone or high-res camera, convert to B&W.

Use this image as a layer mask. Adjust it, rotate it etc as desired.

Using a layer mask has the advantage of being non-destructive.

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Thanks for the answer – Jase Whatson Apr 2 '11 at 5:02

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