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I have created an image with multiple layers, paint groups, layer groups etc.

The image saves okay as .ai or even export to .png. However when i use the save for web feature my topmost layer group is missing from the image.

The only difference in this layer that I can see from any others, is that instead of the usual 'eye' icon in the layer visibility select, there is a solid rectangle with a border in this place.

Would someone please explain what this icon indicates, how it manipulated and whether it has any bearing on my Save to Web issue.

Many thanks

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The solid rectangle rather than and eye icon indicates the layer is set to a Template layer.

Template layers do not print or export.

To remove the template designation, double-click the Layer in the Layer Panel and uncheck "Template".

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Thanks, knew I was doing something silly, completely forgot about the double clicking thing. – HappilyUnstuck Jan 15 '13 at 18:13

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