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I made a couple of vector shapes in AI and I get this strange thin border appearing around them. I can't get rid of it. Any suggestions?


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Adobe Illustrator constructs objects with vector mathematics. However, it has to interpret that vector data into pixels in order to display it on the (pixel-based) monitor.

To create smooth lines on screen it anti-aliases pixels when two colors lie next to each other. It essentially "blends" the two colors together over a pixel or two in order to represent their position.

Sometimes this anti-aliasing isn't entirely smooth if your monitor is not capable of high quality rendering. Therefore you get a small, off-color, hairline, edge with some objects.

This hairline will generally disappear if you uncheck Anti-Alias Artwork in the preferences. It will also disappear if you print the artwork or export artwork using the "Art Optimized" anti-alias setting.

This small anti-aliasing pixel is generally nothing to be concerned about.

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This Thin Border may be the edges in Adobe Illustrator . You just press CTR + H to hide Edges which it is showing.
This May solve your problem. Thanks

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