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I was wondering if Inkscape has the ability to select the outline of a shape, and then be cropped or copied and pasted over another shape?

I remember being able to do this in Illustrator but you can't seem to do it in Inkscape.

Setting a clip for an object keeps coming up (in searches) but that doesn't seem to do anything. If you paste it just pastes the object with a rectangle still around it. All I want is to select a shape and then paste it with a transparent background. Can Inkscape do this?

Any help much appreciated


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Looks like the key is in step 2 below. Drawing a shape around the image you want opaque.

  1. Import the picture
  2. Draw a shape with the line tool that covers the object you want to keep
  3. select both and do Object > Clip > Set

The bitmap should be clipped to the area contained by the shape, making the rest disappear.

Inkscape Forums

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