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Mainly for making tutorials, on windows.

The simpler, the better. If it could just kinda like on mac. So that I can select an area. And if I could easily annote after taking the picture, that'd be awesome too.

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Snipping tool comes with every Windows from Vista to above† and has about the same options as Grab + Preview combo on OS X; including annotating capabilities.

While I was on XP (or on Vista not knowing the existence of Snipping tool) I've found Lightscreen as an easy, simple and lightweight capture tool. In matter of a fact, I carry a portable version of Lightscreen on my USB-stick, just in case. Lightscreen lacks annotating options, though.

† Not included with Home Basic nor Starter editions, though.

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Unfortunately snipping tool wasn't included with Windows Vista Home Basic. not sure what the situation is for Windows 7 – JamesHenare Apr 6 '11 at 14:14
@Jaips, oh, true. With 7, it seems Snipping tool isn't included with Home Basic nor Starter. Thanks! – koiyu Apr 6 '11 at 14:30
OK, found snipping tool, thanks. But can I add text with it? Lightscreen seems like a cool alternative. Thanks a lot dude – Deus Apr 6 '11 at 17:48

I usually end up doing Shift + "Print Screen" (usually same button as "SysRq"). Open Paint / Photoshop / etc. and paste it into a new file. Doesn't let you select areas of the screen but I usually refine the edges in Photoshop anyway. Also, it's free since it's built into Windows.

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I really like Screensnapr, which also lets you upload screenshots automatically

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At work they installed Snagit which I am strongly considering getting for home. Although I've always relied on the good ol' Printscreen+paste in Photoshop approach before, it is really convenient to have some image editing capabilities (cropping, drawing semi-transparent highlights, etc.) in the screenshot software.

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