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My gradient tool on Illustrator cs6 is blocked.

It won't let me change color, direction or anything related. The Gradient tool wont even let me click on the gradient, it shows the cursor with a blocked sign(circle and a diagonal line inside of it).

Seems very trivial a problem but I can't get to fix it. Did google the issue but to no avail. Please do help.

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2 Answers

Solved: Very very trivial, I just needed to click on the gradient window and toggle to fill mode, it had switched to stroke.

Also, googled why that happens and apparently if you have transparent gradient on your stroke, the gradient tool won't let you modify the gradient.

One of those things that Adobe takes on and stops developing I think.

Thank you if you guys tried to solve it :D

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hey im having the same problem...but what do you mean by "fill mode" in gradient? could you describe the steps you took please? tx –  maziar ghaderi Mar 21 at 0:16
Nice that you got it solved :) It would be good if you accept your own answer. This is good for everyone, to know at a glance that a solution to the question is to be found here. –  Random O'Reilly Mar 22 at 13:19
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It's Simple by following the tip below:

To hide or show the gradient annotator, choose View > Hide Gradient Annotator or View > Show Gradient Annotator.


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actually the question was about blocked mode and not about hiding/revealing the tool –  Ilan Apr 16 at 10:04
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