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When handling multiple white-on-transparent png images, I am hindered by the fact that the thumbnails of these images are all-white. Both Adobe Bridge CS6 and Windows Explorer suffer the same problem, I can't discern between two of these pngs.

Is there a way to make these thumbnails useful? Is there some setting I missed that allows changing the thumbnail background colour for a png -- now a deafult white?

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nope.. doesn't seem to be any method to change the default white background where transparency exists. Very short-sighted on the part of Adobe. – Scott Feb 19 '13 at 16:57
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If the Adobe forums are any indication, this isn't possible. This thread from 2010 concludes that it isn't possible, and this search shows a smattering of chatter about the subject, all older but with no solutions.

I checked out the preferences (as you undoubtedly did) and didn't see anything myself in Bridge CS5.

If this information is outdated and a solution is available, then please correct me!

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funny that in your search, I see some users complain about the standard black. Weird, and as Scott says, short-sighted. We can only hope for improvement in a future update. – Vincent Feb 20 '13 at 11:40

I Use a free image browser called Lyn for exactly this problem, you can change the preview background in the settings. Mac only though.

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