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I have a lot of sub-chapters and each sub-chapter needs to have on each page an image. I was thinking of putting the image on the first page of the sub-chapter and set to paragraph style A. Then create a running header variable for that p-style and put the variable in the master.

Everything without creating a master page for each sub-chapter...

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Hopefully you'll find a better way, but if you don't, and if it's a monochrome vector image you need, you may need to use the same cumbersome technique needed to use custom images as bullet points:

IndyFont Demo: make your own (1 character) font

(Better step-by-step instructions from Lynda)

(Better writeup on Typophile)

Basically it's a quick and easy way to create one-character document fonts within InDesign, to use as textual icons etc. Quick summary:

  • Get the free One-Character Demo of Indesign-based font maker IndyFont
  • Install it as any indesign script.
  • In the Indyfont bit of the Script panel, 'Create font template'
  • Paste in [Black] vector artwork. The red line is the base line, adjust the green line to make space.
  • Save...
  • If you're in Indesign CS5 or above, you can include it as a document font (in a folder called 'Document Fonts' next to your .indd) without having to install it system-wide.
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