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I know this is called Kinetic Text, but I don't imagine one does this in powerpoint. What tools would I need to learn to get this done? I'd love if they were open source or low cost.

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A Google search for "Kinetic Typography Tutorial" turns up hundreds of results. Some using Flash, others After Effects. You could also create the video portion with Illustrator/Photoshop and audio with something else and merge them. – Scott Feb 24 '13 at 0:08
Yeah, go for Flash or After Effects. – GnomeSlice Nov 18 '13 at 1:21

A great solution that I used awhile ago for a project was Adobe After Effects. At the time I was using CS4 but when I needed to watch tutorials I would go to You Tube and search for some. Just know for a really good quality minute video can take months to complete.

This video I loved when I was looking at doing one.

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You could use adobe after effects. It is easy to learn. Try with the lynda tutorials, or look for videos on youtube.

Music/sound is a different story. I have not seen one kinetic typography that doesn't have a good harmony between its audio and video and their message.

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