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For a Windows application currently under development we have chosen a dark Modern UI theme. As I don't have any representative screenshot at hand, let's say our look and feel is somewhat similar to the Mango Theme for Orchad or the Windows 8 Metro:

enter image description here

As our clients will be allowed to integrate their logo In the start page of the application, I'm wondering how to integrate it so that it's not looking awkward?

As we won't have any control on the image file set by the client, what can be done to ensure that the logo looks as integrated as possible?

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Best bet.. a white box for the logo. Not an ideal solution, but chances are most clients logos will be sitting on white.

You could provide the option of having a white background or a dark background if possible.

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You could determine the are where it will be inserted (top left corner, probably). I doubt you will be able to control what kind of images a user uploads, but you could have some suggestions based on the Metro guidelines.

For example, have the logo in transparent background, text in white or similar solid light color. Microsoft has some good guidelines in their App Store help section. For example: Guidelines for typography, and Guidelines for layout.

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