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I love how Google fonts allows you to pair fonts for great eye candy when designing but after time I have gotten tired of just seeing what Google suggests. I wanted to know if anyone has scene any other sites that have a wider spectrum of font pairing other than Google?

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I do not know of any type-pairing sites specifically but I will list some resources I have come across on the subject as well as places you could ask typographers directly about the topic.

Check Smashing Mag as they have done at least a few articles on type-pairing and they link to the resources and web-sites they mention in the articles.

I do not know the original source for this cheat sheet on mixing typefaces and it has attained a high level of propagation on the internet.

Heofler & Frere-Jones tips on the subject

The Typophile and Typopedia forums.

And the Education section of FontShop

Again these are not going to pair typefaces for you, but you can get some very helpful information on how to do it successfully.

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Ive never used it but Typecast looks pretty good for this.. theres a video here about it which is pretty interesting to watch.

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I like to take a look at every now and then, it's not specifically about pairing fonts but a showcase of fonts used in projects so obviously a lot of them are pairings. I think it's great not only to see the pairing but also the different dynamics, weights, how each font is used within the project.

There is a more humoristic approach at which explores typographic "dating", asking you to come up with matches and then explaining why it works or doesn't work well.

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