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I am newer than new to Illustrator, but am trying nontheless to design a logo for my friend.

The most basic of operations is to create an ellipse, correct?

I have created a circle with this tool, but every time I then try using the Area Type tool I get the message:


I have managed to "release" the compound path (apparently) but must still be using a "masked" path.

How do I release this, so that I will be free to create text within this circle?

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You are going to kick yourself I think when I tell you how to solve this; I think: Click on the actual path, not the area inside the shape with the Area Type tool.

One nice thing about Illustrator is that you do not need to select the Area Type tool, as Illustrator will automatically change to it when you mouse-over the path.

If you would rather type along the path then depressing ALT while mousing over the path with the type tool will give you this option. Alternatively using the Type on Path tool will work.

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Right click and release compound path

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