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How can I change this black icon to the same shades and colors as this orange / gold icon?

enter image description here

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I think most of the answers are overly complicated.

It's been a while since I've used photoshop, but you'll want to pick one of two color adjustment tools. Either 'Colorize' or 'Hue/Saturation'.

Then simply adjust the color and saturation and brightness until you get a match.

No need to redraw anything or use layer masks.

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A few options:

1) Select. Adjustments → Hue

2) In the Layers palette, Layer Style → Color Overlay (you'll have to experiment with the blend modes)

3) Select. Eyedropper the color you want. Option-Delete fills it. (this is crude and may not work for you.)

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If you only have one icon, the fastest way would be to redraw it using shapes.

Draw a circle using the Ellipse Tool, and substract a tick shape (I used Exclude Overlapping Shapes) using Custom Shape Tool. Photoshop comes with one, but it's a bit different from your icon, so you can instead download a shapes pack that has a similar one. This site has a nice freebie.

enter image description here

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If it is pure black you could use it as a mask.

  1. select and copy the layer with the icons.
  2. create a new solid color fill layer (any other layer filled with the color you wish will also do fine)
  3. Add a layermask to the newly created layer.
  4. press Alt and click the layer mask
  5. paste the icons into the mask.
  6. press Ctrl + i to invert the mask.

Condition for this to work is that you have pure black or it won't take the color 100%

// it just occured to me: Another way could be to use "Image" > "Match Color..." You start the command from the image with the black icon and select as Source file and layer with the right colors

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