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Related to this SO question, I got an idea to go for an unique 3D human face model which fits all the the human faces.

1) Where can I get a ready made human head model? I have seen some tools like Blender where I could create it, but it seems to require a big effort. Sites like turbosquid don't seem to have these unique face models.

2) Is there anywhere I can use candide in ios to render a 3D face?

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Check out Poser they have many 3D character models. You might even find some custom creations floating around online if you do a search.

Another option if you want a 'unique' face is to use photogammetry, which is basically using multiple photos to construct a 3D model. I know there is at least one app on iPhone that does this, unfortunately I can not remember the name...

Autodesk also has one called 123D Catch

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