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I'm trying to model a lens distortion to apply to a vector image. I originally tried to use the Warp > Inflate effect, and I was able to get close in some scenarios to what I was looking for, but the problem is the inflate effect's scale is uniform throughout the x/y axis. The effect I'm looking for is for the effect to be on a logarithmic scale based on distance from the center.

I've got an example of what I'm looking for:


The original image on the left, an approximation of what I'm looking for in the center, and what the inflate effect is doing on the right (note the consistent spacing in between each warped ring).

So I guess the main question is, does anyone know of an effect that can implement the effect I'm looking for? or am I stuck writing a custom plugin or something?

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Goto Effect » Distort & Transform » Transform apply values which shown in below imageenter image description here

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Ahh ... that's a pretty good way to achieve the specific effect. I guess I should have been more clear though, I wasn't necessarily looking to generate concentric circles, I was looking for an effect that is similar to warp>inflate, but rather than a constant inflation factor (bulge is similar), matching the effect I describe in the question on an existing group of vector objects – Joel Martinez Mar 26 '13 at 18:30

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