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I have a frame in which different photos must shrink and fit into (frame size is absolute), and then save into different file names (preferably same name as the file that was fit into the frame). There are a total of 1400 images (with more coming in the future), so its hard to do with hand.

I tried data sets and variables. But that only lets me fit one image into the frame each time (with layer pixel replacement) . As the replacement pixel will only take a file, not iterate through a folder. Also i couldn't find a way to automate this process with actions.

So is there a way to have Photoshop iterate through the files of a folder. Fit them into the frame, then save them with the same name?

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Have you tried the File > Automate > Scripts > Image processor ? If you check Resize to fit it will keep the aspect ratio. You could add Action that makes sure that each document has identical width and height with canvas size and then make the document big enough to fit in your frame by using canvas size, place frame above the background and that should do it. –  Joonas Mar 26 '13 at 12:55

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You could create an action that resizes the images, then imports your frame onto the top layer and saves out the file.

Then simply create a batch render for the folder that contains your images.

Look for tutorials in creating actions and batch rendering in Photoshop.

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The tool in photoshop you need is called Batch Processing (file > automate > batch).

You'll first need to create an action, then apply that action to the directory where your images are.

Check out: http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/photoshop/ss/basicaction.htm

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