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I need to use the font "GM Londinium" in a certificate header. But I can't find the downloadable font. Could anyone suggest some alternate fonts similar to GM Londinium or else suggestions as to where it can be downloaded from.

I used Myfonts to check the font name. I am providing the fonts that I need(I can't post more than two links, hence I have altered the links as here).

I'm using an SVG file.

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What indication is there that the original header font was GM Londinium? The sample you provided is certainly not using that font, a few of the glyphs are noticeably different – JohnB Mar 26 '13 at 14:07
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The first image is a Gothic/Medieval type font. There are many like it, even free ones. Check them out here. Both Old London and Cloister Black appear indistinguishable from the sample you provided.

Old London

The second font looks like Chopin Script.

Chopin Script

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