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I'm quite new to using illustrator. My problem is: I'm missing the anchor point.

Usually when you use the direct selection tool and click an object, it should show the anchor points and handles. I don't know why, suddenly today it won't show up.

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You might have set 'Hide edges' by mistake.

Try ctrl-H (or cmd-H on a Mac), which toggles 'Hide edges' on and off.

Or, you can control whether it's set to Hide Edges or Show Edges directly using the option listed in the View menu.

(it's similar to Hide Extras in Photoshop, which has the same keyboard shortcut)

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In every other mac application Cmd-H hides the app window - I hit this combo all the time subconsciously. – David John Smith Jun 24 '14 at 5:01

If your handles are also missing, go to View and check if "Show Bounding Box" is active. (Crtl + Shift + B to toggle).

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