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I have an 11x17 poster that

  • Will have 3/16 white border (because the printer can't print to the edge)
  • needs 3/16 padding from edge for all objects

I don't want to print it on 12x18 and cut it so right now I have it set up as a 10.625x16.625 with all-around 0.1875 bleed and I also want to have a line showing 0.1875 padding (or at least in the web world we call it padding).

  1. What's the name designer's use for the space between the printed edge and the objects inside (css calls it padding)?
  2. Should I just add that with four guides? Or is there something part of document setup (like bleed and slug) that will give me a preset border / guide?

I don't yet think like a designer so I'm probably thinking about the problem in a weird way, but I've got all of about 10 hours of illustrator use under my belt so be kind.

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It'd be called 'margin' or 'white space'. You'd typically set it up by using crop/registration marks--which if you set your document up to the printed size, Illustrator should be able to accomodate when you print.

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