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I am trying to find the fonts used in the following Logo for the Swiss magazine "MigrosMagazine". I've been trying to use, but haven't had much success.


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Maybe "Linotype Ergo DemiBold":

enter image description here

Apart from, you can also try with

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Close, but the curves at the ends of strokes (G, S and c in particular) are not as pronounced as the OP image. And the crossbar of A is at a different height. – Andrew Leach Apr 10 '13 at 7:54

It's entirely possible that the title is specially drawn. The lower-case c looks like Arial Black, but not much else does.

I created this fairly easily:

Avenir Next Bold

Avenir Next Bold at 110% width. Again, not perfect: the R has a straight leg and the x-height is smaller. Width and tracking could be played with, I think.

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