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I have a bulleted list with several entries, it's a list of keyboard shortcuts, similar to the text below:

  • alt+shift+ctrl+2 = Lock Others
  • alt+shift+ctrl+3 = Hide Others
  • alt+ctrl+b = Blend

I want to select all the text between the bullet and the equals symbol, no matter how many characters. Thought this:


would work, but no luck.

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Are the bullet characters in the actual text, or are they added via a bullets and numbering paragraph style? If it's the latter, I seem to remember trying something similar and being frustrated that the added characters weren't included in the GREP as if they weren't part of the paragraph (or maybe they were included - either way, it wasn't what I wanted...). – user568458 Jul 12 '13 at 12:35

Well, non of the above seemed to work, likely due to how InDesign does bullets, but this


seemed to work for what I needed. Thanks for helping though!

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Note that that will match anything with an equals sign, so be careful. I found a reference that says inDesign uses ~8 as a metacharacter for regular expressions. – horatio Apr 12 '13 at 17:17

If you used e.g. a hyphen as the bullet, the expression would probably match as you desire. The bullet is a unicode (hex U+2022) or Ansi (149; hex 95), so try replacing the bullet glyph with \x{95} in your regular expression.


I see that the bullet is ~8 when working with regular expressions.

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If you use tabs for the spaces, this would work:


It would include the first tab, followed by all characters until the next tab.

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