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Take this image for example:enter image description here

How would I then go and select more of the rabbit after I made that leg selection up into its body?

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Your question is flawed when referring to Adobe Illustrator. "How would I then go and select more of the rabbit after I made that leg selection up into its body?" In Illustrator you are not "selecting" the rabbit, you are drawing a path, making a line.

To continue a line you have already started click on the point that you want to continue drawing from. Here is a good tutorial:

This is what the icon will look like when you move the cursor over an end point: enter image description here or enter image description here

If the path has been closed, that is it has created a complete shape with no open end points, you will need to delete an anchor point to continue drawing.

Adobe Photoshop is a bit different, but the skills learned in Illustrator translate very well. Here is a good tutorial on using the pen tool to make selections in Photoshop:

And here is a tutorial for drawing shapes in Photoshop using the pen tool.

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To connect to an existing open path, click one of the end points with the Pen Tool.

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