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Let’s say I’ve drawn a line with (X;Y)=(0;0) and now I want to manually assign to it (W;H)=(10;5) or (W;H)=(20;10).

Even though weight and height are not locked (the “change .. by the same proportion” option), Inkscape still messes the coordinate and H/W values when the value is manually assigned.

For instance if a line with (X;Y;W;H)=(0.000;0.000;11.939;7.765) receives new (W)=(10), the resulting values are not (0.000;0.000;10.000;7.765) but rather (0.089;0.000;9.823;7.765). Sometimes changing W will affect only H, sometimes—all the X,Y and H and so on.

What is causing this behaviour and how to prevent it? It’s messing the numbers only sometimes, so I must be missing something.

My Inkscape version 0.48.4 r9939, OS is Windows 7.

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