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I've used GIMP for a while and have custom settings, brushes, plugins, etc. installed on my Windows 7 computer. I have a Windows XP machine that I want GIMP on too, and I want all the customizations already on my Windows 7 computer on the XP one as well. Where is the GIMP settings/plugins/brushes folder and what is the best way to transfer everything in a easy manner?

BTW I'm using GIMP 2.8

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Your Gimp profile is stored in C:\Documents and Settings\{USERNAME}\.gimp-{version}\ (on Windows.)

For example, mine is stored at C:\Documents and Settings\User\james\.gimp-2.8\.
I also had a leftover gimp-2.6 folder.

Bonus Round: Linux location -


E.G., /home/james/.gimp-2.8/

As for transferring the settings, just copy the folder to a USB stick and put it in the appropriate place on the destination computer.

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