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I know that Inkscape does not have the ability to export selected objects as svg, but is there a workaround that people have found that works?

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Just shooting from the hip but wouldn't Copy, new Document, Paste, Save work? –  Scott May 19 '13 at 3:59
I was almost sure one could do that with the command-line option. There is indeed an export-plain-svg option, but it does not respect the export-id :'( –  Drasill May 20 '13 at 20:59

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What I ended up doing is the following:

  1. Select the object(s) to export
  2. Open the document properties window (Ctrl+Shift+D)
  3. Select "Resize page to drawing or selection"
  4. File > Save As Copy...
  5. Select Optimized SVG as the format if you want to use it on the web

Not as quick as I would like but quicker than creating a new document for each graphic that you want to export.

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Your method also saves the rest of the document, just outside the viewport, thus increasing filesize (at least in my tests). –  benebun Oct 29 '13 at 13:42
Adding the Save as Copy shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+S –  Echt Einfach TV Jul 2 '14 at 7:46

I keep another instance of Inkscape running on the side and just copy-paste the object I want to save into the scratch document, then save.

Another option if you just want the path data is to select the object, Shift+Ctrl+X to open the XML editor, grab the pieces you want (usually the d attribute), then paste to wherever.

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