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I have a bunch of text point objects and I'd like to select a subset of them and change their font size (for example). They might be in different groups so I can't select them all at once, so I select a few change the font size, then I select a few more, and change the font size manually again.

I'm wondering if there is a repeat last action button. I know about Cmd+D but it doesn't work for applying text styles.

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There are Character and Paragraph Styles. This is what they are for.

Window > Type > Character Styles and Window > Type > Paragraph Styles.

Set type how you want it to look and highlight it. Then click the New icon on the bottom of the appropriate style panel. When you want to apply the same text formatting, highlight the text, and click the style you created.

Character Styles define individual, inline, pieces of text. Paragraph Styles apply to entire paragraphs of text.

You can learn more here via Adobe Help.

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