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I am trying to create a horizontal layout list of items for a promotional poster. It is much like a music festival line-up poster. After each list item I need a custom bullet or separator. After the last item on a line the separator needs to be skipped. This is true also for each item that stands alone on a line.

I know I could do this quite easily using each list-item as an individual object, but the list is ever changing and I'd just like to know if its possible.

This is an example of what Im asking that I mocked up in Photoshop.


Mock Up in Photoshop

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Text, space, bullet, space - repeat. Set the justification to forced. It may be helpful to create a character style which includes "non-breaking" for the actual text. Is there more to it than that? – Scott Jun 3 '13 at 21:16
Thanks, I will give that a try! Coming from a web background, so apologies for the newbiness of the question. – Wedodan Jun 3 '13 at 21:23

Text, space, bullet, space - repeat.

Set the text justification to centered. And at times, you may want to use - text, space, space, bullet, space, space, repeat.

If you want to use a custom bullet image, size the custom image appropriately then copy it and then it would be -- Text, space, paste, space, repeat.

You could also use tables in Indesign to get slightly better spacing. In this case you would use - Text, tab, bullet, tab, repeat. Then select the line of text and bullets and choose Table > Convert Text to Table. You can then set the table width to match the column width you want and distribute columns evenly. At times, this assists in extending the spacing between the text and bullets for a more fluid look than if you were to insert a bunch of spaces before and after bullets.

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Seems simple enough, but I've been struggling inserting bullets without a carriage return. The "Bullets and Numbering" menu which seems to only be able to create bullets by line (vs horizontally).

For those that, like me, may need some extra help making this happen, Ctrl+Alt+X inserts a NON-breaking space (to keep characters together on the same line), and you can use Ctrl+8 to insert bullets in-line. Hope this helps!

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Use the ALT key combination to insert a bullet character into the text. The ALT key combination for a bullet in windows is 0149.

  • With numlock enabled
  • Hold down the ALT key
  • Type 0149 on the keypad
  • Release the Alt key

This will not work using the regular number keys as far as I am aware, it has to be on the keypad on the right hand side of the keyboard.

There are loads more symbols you can do, check this link out:

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• ALT+7 Circle bullet ◘ ALT+8 Reverse bullet ○ ALT+9 Empty bullet ◙ ALT+10 Reverse bullet

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Please explain what this commands do. Suppose the reader does not know the meanings of the named keys. Best would be to add a screenshot ore more to show what is going on ... – Kurt Apr 18 at 15:16
I'm sure these are wrong too... – Cai Apr 18 at 16:10

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